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"One 51" by Treasure Joy & TOB

“One 51” vocalist Treasure Joy comes from a line of go-go musicians: Her mother sang for Junkyard Band, and her father plays for ‘90s favorites Pure Elegance. Backing Treasure Joy on this track are members of the leading bouncebeat band TOB, which has taken the lead in the city’s musical demonstrations against the Trump administration and systemic racism in policing during the past few years.

“One 51” was produced and co-written by go-go veteran William “Malachai” Johns, founder of 7070 Sound, former member of the legendary go-go band Northeast Groovers and producer and co-writer of two Billboard-charting go-go songs: “Welcome to DC” and “Miracles,” both by the band he created, Mambo Sauce. “One 51” was written by Johns, Grammy-nominated producer and go-go veteran Lorenzo Johnson, Mike Barney, and Kristen Iverson.

The new anthem for DC Statehood will release on all streaming platforms on Sept. 28th and the video will premiere at the DC Mayor’s Arts Awards, an event designed to recognize outstanding accomplishments from D.C.’s vibrant art scene.

Stream it here:

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